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Who We Are

Raising Hope, Inc. is a community-based non-profit organization  located in Providence, Rhode Island; providing youth development activities after-school and out-of-school times to children and youth ages 7 to 25 years old from immigrant and low income families.

Raising Hope understands the needs of immigrant children, youth and families faced with challenges arising from low-income, unemployment, language barrier and cultural differences. Young people are assisted to improve academic performance, physical health, socialization skills, self-esteem building, life and career skills.

Raising Hope, Inc. collaborates with other stakeholders committed to the development of children and youth in Providence, Rhode Island.

It takes a community to ensure the success of a child. Raising Hope, Inc. forms the link for collaborative efforts of service providers, families, community leaders, businesses and other stakeholders to assist young people to succeed.

Mission Statement
The mission of Raising Hope, Inc is to provide the leadership, motivation and sense of direction for immigrant children, youth and young adults to improve intellectually, physically, socially and culturally. We collaborate with parents, community leaders, organizations, and other stake-holders in the community to provide services to immigrant children and youth.

Raising Hope Locations

Providence, RI

66 Burnett Street

Providence, RI 02907

Tel: 401-785-0050

Fax: 401-941-0089

Boston, MA

35 Belnel Road

Boston, MA 02136

Tel: 401-316-1057